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Friday Faves: Summertime Toys and National Doughnut Day!

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Sunshine!  Almost the end of the school year!  National Doughnut Day!  So much to be excited about!  So, for your summer fun and doughnut needs, here's our top picks: Portland_toys_new_tech_kites_delta_4'_tie_dye

Headed to the beach?  Lucky you!  Well, don't forget a kite.  The Oregon Coast is notoriously windy and you don't want to miss out on all the blustery fun!  New Tech Kites are easy to assemble and easy to fly.  Check out our tie dye, butterfly and pig styles.  That's right, you can make a pig (kite) fly!!


It's going to be a bit toasty this weekend, and if you're going to cool down, why not be a bit creative about it?  For only $7.99 per water gun you can stage your own epic battle!  Upgrade to the Double Barrel Surge Streamer for only $5 more!  And, don't forget to supplement your reserves with water balloons - we've got those too!


Maybe something a bit slower-paced is your thing.  Make your own beautiful pressed flowers with Alex's My Flower Press.  Go for an early morning walk, collect a handful of wildflowers, then press them under the shade of a big tree, maybe with a side of lemonade.  Can you think of anything more simple and splendid?


And, let's not forget that today is a national holiday.  It's National Doughnut Day!  Don't the donuts above look awesome?!  And, they're gluten and dairy free!  We pinned a bunch of doughnut (and donut) recipes to our Pinterest board.  Check them out here!

What are your plans for the weekend?

Have an epically AWESOME weekend!!

-Child's Play