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Friday Faves: Things to do at BBQs besides eat

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Happy Memorial Day Weekend!  Headed to a barbecue?  Backyard potluck?  Weekend at the beach?  Just staying home and relishing not having any plans or places to be?  Well, regardless of where you are or what you plan to do, we have a few ideas to help you have a little more fun! Portland_toys_z_bow_target_pack

Have some backyard fun with this mini bow and arrow set, complete with foam "cans" to aim for.  Just like the best-selling Z-Curve Bow, but in a smaller, easier to store size.  Plus, it comes with zonic whistle arrows!  Ready, aim...FIRE!  (Oh, and if the Z-Curve Bow is more your style, we've got that too!  Original or Legends style!)


Every holiday should have something sparkly involved!  And, at only $2.99 each, these Twinkle Twist Wands hit the spot!  Kind of like sparklers without the fire danger.  They twist and turn and sparkle and look pretty, and in all honesty are absolutely mesmerizing.  You'll love it as much as the kids!


And, in case it rains all weekend, a new board games might come in handy.  Start by asking a question, everyone writes down a guess.  Then wager on which guess you think is correct.  All the answers are numerical.  If you have no idea what to guess, no problem.  Just write down something, then see what everyone else is guessing.  We played this at a staff & family get-together and it was a big hit!

We'll be open all weekend and on Monday until 4pm!  See you soon!

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