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Friday Faves: Top Toys

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Holiday_Gift_Ideas_for_Kids_Portland_Top_Toys We've got a new way to help you find the best things in the store!  Throughout the holiday season look for these "Top Toys" signs.  Top Toys are the latest, greatest and best toys we have to offer!  Things like these favorites:


The Flipped Out Fury Stunt Set includes a power spiral climb, mega jump, TRAMPOLINE (yeah, we meant to write that in all caps, it's that exciting), and landing pad.  Build a course, then watch your motorized all-terrain 4x4 conquer it!  For even more fun you can build Lego obstacles for your 4x4 to drive over!


Make over 200 beads and tons of bracelets, necklaces and more.  Everything you need is included in the box - rolling tools, bead trays, glue, varnish, flowers, jewelry cord and more.  Cut, roll and glue - that's all there is to it!  Plus, once you make your 200+ beads with the paper included, you can use any other paper to make even more beads!


This classic toy is a big hit with little hands!  The magnets snap the pieces together easily, but are still strong enough to build something structurally sound.  Available in solid or clear.  P.S.  The solid 100-piece sets are on sale right now!

And, if you looking for some holiday fun this weekend, PDX Kids Calendar has a great list of Holiday Fun here!

Have a holly jolly weekend!

-Child's Play