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Friday Faves - Word Game Edition!

ToysMegan PeronaComment

You know what we love?  Word games!  Here's a few we're currently digging! Toys_in_Portland_zingo_sight_words

The original Zingo is one of our best selling games for preschoolers, and this Sight Words version is perfect for those 5 & up.  The matching game teaches words that are essential for reading; such as have, what, said, there, etc.  Make a match, fill your card to win!  Easy clean up, easy to play and nifty bingo slider to boot!


Brought to you by the same people who invented the crossword game craze Bananagrams, comes this fast-paced spelling game!  Pick 12 cubes, then create a grid of words as fast as you can.  First person to use all 12 cubes wins a point.  Play until someone reaches 10 points!  A round can take as little as 20 seconds!  And, the zippered storage doubles as a score keeper!

Toys_in_Portland_bananagrams _puzzle_book

Need a solo word activity?  How about a Bananagrams Puzzle Book!  With over 575 anagram puzzles ranging from easy to extra hard, you'll be busy for hours!  Perfect for travel or while waiting for siblings to get done with after school activities.

Also, these are cool:


Have a weekend that's even more picturesque than the thought of three teacup piglets wearing pink and blue bows on their ears!

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