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Friday Favorites - Easter Edition

ToysMegan PeronaComment

Hippity hoppity Easter's on it's way!  Happy Spring!  Happy Easter!  Hello spring break!  Hello weekend sunshine!  We're reveling in Easter and Spring giddiness, which totally includes making Easter baskets! Here's a few of our favorite Easter basket goodies!


Playmobil Easter Eggs are the newest springtime tradition around here!  Choose from forest ranger (shown), fairy, knight and playground.  Look for them in our Easter display!


These adorable, pocket-sized pals are designed right here in town! Sgt. Peepers (the owl), Truffles (the pig) and Butterscotch (the bunny) are just too cute for words.  Check them out on Instagram too!  “They’ll cute your face off!”


Twirl it!  Twist it!  Spin it!  This simple, sparkly toy is totally mesmerizing.  Great for adding a bit of extra sparkle to your baskets.  Plus, save them until the summer and celebrate the fourth with these instead of sparklers - same fun and shine, but without any danger.

What are your favorite Easter basket goodies?

Have a "hoppy" weekend!

-Child's Play