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Game Time!

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ThinkFun games are back in stock!  We've got lots of new and old games, single player and whole family games.  Awesome games like these: Toys_in_Portland_shape_by_shape_thinkfun


These single player, mind-building games are intense!  Look at the photo of the 3-d structure (Block by Block) or pattern (Shape by Shape) and recreate with the pieces given.  Much trickier than it appears.  Hours of fun for your little genius!


Also for the logic puzzle crowd, Rush Hour is a perennial best seller and award winner.  If you don't have this game, get it!  To play, select a challenge card and arrange the board as so.  Then slide the blocking cars to free your red car.  Great for car trips and quiet play.  Fun for desks and offices too!


And, now for a family game!  This hilarious memory game makes improving your memory more fun than ever!  Draw a cartoon card, memorize the features, then draw what you remember.  You don't need to be an artist to play and you'll probably surprise yourself with hidden drawing talents!  Fun for all ages!

Anyone planning a family game night now?

Have a fun day!

-Child's Play