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Toys_in_portland_castle_blast_mindware Blast your way to victory!  This strategy, action packed game is great for early grade schoolers (and interesting enough to keep adults having fun too!)  Aim the wrecking ball to clear the princess, dragon and treasure chest from the board - but watch out, clear the wrong piece and you might lose.


Get in some outdoor fun in between rain showers!  Play two ways - either bouncy ball or giant badminton birdie.  Easy to adjust game for different abilities.  Super fun!

Crazy Rings, Ages 8+ $24.99

Looking for something to do once the rain showers hit?  Make some pretty rings!  This kit includes 12 plexiglass rings for you to paint.  Use the glitzy paints to make rings to match any outfit!  Easy to make, easy to fix mistakes and easy to clean up.

Have an EPIC weekend!

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