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Get outside this weekend!

ToysMegan Perona1 Comment

The sun is shining and we are itching to play in the park! Here's a few of our favorite toys for an afternoon in the sunshine.

Titan Torpedo, Ages 5+ $14.99

It's time for the backyard olympics. Who's going to win the gold in the foam torpedo toss? Hurl it through the sky and you might get this over-sized dart to fly 300 feet! Super fun at the park! Ages 5+

Foxtail Softie, Ages 5+ $10.95

Bring your catch game up a notch. Catch & throw this softball by the tail! The closer to the ball you catch it the more points you earn. One of our best sellers!

Aerobie Flying Disc, Ages 6+ $9.99

You'll look like a frisbee pro with an Aerobie, the World's best flying ring! The ring design and flexible edge allow for a spectacular flight and soft, easy catch every time.

How are you going to enjoy the sunshine?

-Child's Play