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Get your ART on!

ToysMegan PeronaComment

We just got a bunch of new (and classic) art kits by Alex! Toys_in_Portland_my_embroidery_kit_alex

With over 75 essentials, instructions for 12 easy stitches and tons of embroidery ideas, this kit is guaranteed fun for your future fashion designer!  It's a bit small to see above, but there is an adorable bumblebee and flowers example!


This is a no-mess, hands-on, easy-peasy craft kit for the youngest of artists.  Use one of the 3 sticky collage boards and the over 65 pieces of color themed collage material to make your monochromatic masterpiece!  No glue needed!  Great for grandma's house!


No, this is not a new item, but it's a serious classic!  More than a classic even, it's a staple of childhood.  Use the loom and included loops to create pot holders, purses, coasters, pillows, bracelets, and more!  Out of loops?  No problem, we've got refill packs!

Have a crafty day!

-Child's Play