Child's Play Toy Store in Portland

Get your art on!

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Macrame Terrarium, Ages 7+ $19.99

Can't you picture that hanging in a little girl's room?! Mini hipster for the win! Everything you need is included, just add water. Within a week you'll have a mini garden growing just for you.

Aquarellum Painting Kits, available in 3 sizes, Ages 5+ $9.99 - $22.99

Create a masterpiece!  The high quality water colors only stick where the paper isn't coated, making it impossible to color outside of the lines. Mix and match the pigments to create the perfect hues.  These wax coated templates are great for beginners or more advanced artists.

Classic Lite Brite, Ages 4+ $27.99

Classic fun, with modern conveniences! Use the colored pegs to crate a design, then simply press the on switch to see your image light up. The new battery powered light makes this model great for travel!

What art projects are you working on?

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