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Get your toy closet ready for guests!

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If you're having company for the holidays there is a lot to do; prep the turkey, clean the bathroom, convince the cat to stop sleeping on the guest bed and, almost as important as the turkey itself, make sure there are games, puzzles and toys to keep everyone occupied when eating and football games aren't happening.  We suggest these top toys to keep everyone, young and old, entertained throughout the whole festivity.

Simon, Ages 7+  $24.99

Introduce your children to one of your childhood loves. Simon is back with the same flashing lights, sounds and challenge. Choose from one of the original three games and find out if you can conquer the colors!

Zingo, Ages 4+  $19.99

Have preschoolers visiting this weekend?  Play some bingo with a zing!  Slide the zinger  to reveal picture tiles, make a match and fill your card to win.  Each tile includes an image and printed words, allowing two levels of play.  A great game to grow with.  Fun for mom and dad too!  

Make Your Own Lip Balm, Ages 7+  $22.99

Get crafty during your down time!  These are great for any budding fashionistas you might be hosting!  Create 5 custom lip balms with fun flavors like mixed berry, very cherry and oh so citrus.  Use the cool carry case to keep your lips shiny at all times.

What will you be doing in between Thanksgiving festivities?

-Child's Play