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Gift Guide Picks!

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Need a few gift ideas?  Need all the kids' gifts in one stop?  Come on by!  Our favorite products are featured in Holiday Gift Guides from NW Kids, The Oregonian and Metro Parent.  Here's what they featured: as_Gifts_Toys_Talking_Tubes

The modern version of the tin can telephone, with two phones and over 10 feet of tube.  Can you hear me now?


Zoom!  No gears, batteries or pedals are needed for this kid-powered speed racer!


Steady hands will help move you through this labyrinth of traps, cliffhangers and dead ends - but watch out for the twist!  In this new version of Perplexus, a three-dimensional maze game, you'll need to twist and realign the tracks to move through the labyrinth.


A fun stocking stuffer for anyone who wears shoes!  Add some spiffiness to any pair of old kicks.  Available for lace-up or velcro shoes.

Have a festive and jolly day!

-Child's Play