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Gift Guide: The baby, the kindergartner and the older sibling

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Toys_in_Portland_tegu_explorer_set First up, a gift for the baby.  Tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks work great and look even greater.  Made in Honduras out of locally harvested wood, these blocks have magnets totally embedded in them so they’re safe for everyone!  The smaller sets (especially the one that comes in a felt pouch about the size of a small cmera) are a great purse toy for babies, while the larger sets, and the ones with wheels (!) are great to grow into, and for older siblings to play with too.  Speaking of older siblings...


This X-Treme Sticker Maker will keep 5-7 year old kids busy for hours.  Color in the included designs, cut them out, run them through the x-treme sticker maker, and voila, your own custom sticker!  Use the included designs or make your own!  And, they really stick – we tested it for you.  Available in purple or green.


And, for the oldest sibling, how about a board game?  We have a great selection of games for the teen and pre-teen crowd.  One of our new favorites is Timeline.  Be the first player to put your cards in chronological order!  Have fun while secretly learning historical facts.

Have a merry day!

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