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Gift Guide: the little girl, the rowdy boys and something for everyone

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Toys_in_Portland_lille_city_dollhouse These adorable paperboard houses are so sweet and adorable.  Quickly assemble the walls and floors, then use the included cut-out accessories and your imagination to turn your doll house into a doll home.  Available in 2 sizes, people sold seperately.

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Poppers, Ages 3+  $9.99, refills available for $7.99

Poppers are perfect for rowdy boys that want to run around on Christmas morning.  Put a ball in the mouth, squeeze the tummy and the ball comes shooting out!  Ha!  Funny and fun!  Get one for everyone!  Perfect in stockings.


The Music Maker is a family favorite and fun for everyone, no previous musical experience needed!  Just slide a song sheet under the strings and pluck the string above each note.  Anyone can play a song!  And, it’s made in Belarus!  Additional song packs sold separately.

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