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Gift Guide: the under 4 car & truck enthusiast, the bug lover and the future astronaut

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Portland_toys_park_and_go_garage_hape Three floors of parking, a helicopter pad, ramps, and fill-up station and two cars and a helicopter included - AWESOME!


Use this friendly anteater to suck up bugs into it’s detachable-belly observation chamber!  Once you’ve collected some bugs, remove the tummy to get a close-up look and let the bugs back out into the wild.  So cool!  Anteaters are awesome!



This is the ultimate nightlight!  Watch the cycle of the moon - right inside your bedroom!  The realistic moon model hangs on your wall and lights up to show the different phases of the moon.  5 different phase settings let you match what the real moon looks like outside tonight.  Bonus - download the free moon audio tour from Uncle Milton.  Auto shut-off included.

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