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Gifts for January Birthdays!

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Confetti Balloons, set of 20 balloons  $9.99

Make any day, not just birthdays special with these confetti balloons! Includes 20 clear balloons, large rainbow confetti, sticks and streamers. Lisa Frank themed party, anyone?

Stomp Rocket, Ages 6+  $19.99

This is our #1 birthday gift for kids with lots of energy. Load a rocket, jump on the launch pad, and see your rocket soar over 200 feet in the air! Refill Rockets, 2 pack $7.99. 

Brain Freeze, Ages 5+  $24.99

Chill out with brain Freeze, the fun strategy game of secret sweet treats! Race to correctly guess the secret square first to win, but don't get a brain freeze, or your opponent may pick your secret treat first. A fun intro to strategic thinking. Made in Portland!

Kingii Dragon Robot Kit, Ages 10+  $49.99

Build your own robot pet! Whimsically kooky and fun to build. The Kingii Dragon Robot uses infrared sensors that are programmed for "escape" or "approach me." Depending on the setting, your dragon might run to you, spread his frill, or scurry away. Leave the robot unattended and it might approach you like a pet lizard! Assembly required. 

Pewi Y Bike, Ages 9 months+  $69.99

This is our favorite ride-on for anyone too small for a balance bike. From 9-12 months use it as a walker, then once your little one's legs are long enough, spin it around and take a seat. Multiple award winner. Available in blue, green and purple. Great for first birthdays!

Talking Pikachu, Age 3+  $39.99

This talking plush toy lights up and has 10 sounds and phrases! Pikachu's laugh is sure to please a young Pokemon trainer and will definitely have a WOW factor as a birthday present.

FREE gift wrapping!

FREE gift wrapping!

And, of course we offer FREE gift wrapping! Pick out your gifts, grab a card and let us wrap it all up. One stop birthday shopping! Happy Birthday to everyone!

-Child's Play