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Go Fishing Day!

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Toys_in_Portland_fishing_set_battat June is full of national holidays; Flag Day, Father's Day, Eat Your Veggies Day (tomorrow!), and, of course, Go Fishing Day!  To celebrate today's Go Fishing Day we've got a few ideas of what you need to pack for a day on the lake.



Trust us, no offense to fishing, but sometimes the waiting can be a bit dull.  So, pack some games!


Pack a flashlight.  Just in case.


And, you'll get hungry, so after you pick up some toys for your trip, pick up some cookies next door at Two Tarts Bakery!  We would like to suggest the Caramel Brownie - it's almost like fudge it's so dense and delicious.

Have a swimmingly good day!

-Child's Play

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