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Gotta catch 'em all!

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Become a Pokemon Master! Here's a few decks to help you increase your skills!

Pokemon XY Trainer Kit, Ages 6+ $14.99

This kit is the easiest way to learn, train and win!  The included game booklets and play mat will teach you how to play -card by card, step step. Play both decks against each other, then combine them to create one bigger deck to battle side by side.

Pokemon XY Break Through Deck, Ages 6+ $14.99

Once you've mastered the training kit, this 60 card deck is a great next step. It includes enough cards to get playing, plus a play mat and rule sheet. Choose between the Night Striker or Burning Spark themes. 

Pokemon Cards, Ages 6+ $3.99

Need to power up your deck? We have 10 card packs located right at the front counter. Perfect for rewards or tying on the top of a birthday gift.

What's your favorite pokemon?

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