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Grad Gifts (for Grads of Any Age)

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Squishable Pink Owl $39.99

It's so fluffy!!  Get a wise, old owl for a wise, not quite so old owl.  Big, squishy and fun!Wouldn't it look so cute wearing your kid's grad cap?!

Pocket Games by Gigamic, Ages 8+ $20.99

These pocket games are great to keep young  minds sharp over the summer.  Katamino  is a Tetris like game of logic and spacial reasoning.  Work to create “perfect combinations” with varying numbers of Pentaminos and an always changing board size.  In Quarto, two players strategize to get four like pieces in a row.  Not so easy when each piece has 4 possible characteristics to match, and your opponent gets to choose which piece you play!  Quoridor is a 2 to 4 player game that takes only 10 minutes!  All you have to do is reach the other end, simple enough.  But, your opponent puts up fences to slow you down! 

Kinetic Sand, Ages 3+ $17.99

You've graduated!  Time to relax!  Kinetic Sand has a soothing cathartic quality to both kids and adults.  We've had quite a few adults buy some as a relaxation tool in their office.  And, quite a few teenagers have picked some up just for fun.  No matter what age your grad is this non-toxic, modeling dough, fidget toy will be a hit. A little more info:  Kinetic Sand is 98% sand, 2% polymer and 100% like nothing you’ve ever touched. The sand kind of sticks together like wet sand, but is totally dry and has a sort of fluffiness to it.  Try it out before you buy, there’s some right at the front counter!

Happy Graduation!

-Child's Play