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Grown Up Dolls!

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At a certain point every little girl graduates from a baby doll to a kid doll. A doll that instead of playing momma with, you're just friends with. A doll that wears clothes you wish came in your size. Taller, slender and a bit smaller than a baby doll. Here's our top picks for older girl dolls:

SCOUT Dolls, Ages 5+ $29.99

These dolls look like the cool, older girl that lives next door and babysits on Friday night. They are cool. So cool. They're like your favorite hipster girl in doll form. Choose from Finch, Sofia or Leaf (seriously, those names?!) 

P.S. SCOUT stands for Smart, Curious, Open, Unafraid and True. Who could ask for more in a personality?

Groovy Girls Style Scents, Ages 3+ $24.99

Your favorite Groovy Girls now come scented! Personally, the strawberry was our favorite, and totally reminiscent of Strawberry Shortcake, but all the scents were surprisingly pleasant. Each doll comes with a furry friend too!

Lottie Doll by Schylling, Ages 3+ $19.99

Have you met Lottie? She is an independent girl, with lots of outfits and accessories. Each doll comes with a different theme and additional accessories (like her pup Biscuit the Beagle) are available. 

Travel Friends by Madame Alexander, Ages 3+ $17.99

Remember the Madame Alexander dolls of yesteryears?  Porcelain faces, collectible boxes?  These are the hip younger cousins of those dolls.  Made with the same attention to detail and high quality as those collectible dolls, these 7" plastic dolls are ready to play!  We love that there are 9 distinct dolls to choose from, and their knees and elbows are jointed for extra imaginative play.  Which one will you choose?

What are your favorite dolls?

-Child's Play