Child's Play Toy Store in Portland

Halloween (sugar free) Treats!

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Deck the halls with spiderwebs and jack-o-lanterns!  Are you in the Halloween spirit yet?  We are!  We have a great display of Halloween treats and even greater selection of costumes!  Here's a few of our favorites: Portland_Toys_eco_sound_box_skull

Put your iPhone in and start grooving to some tunes!  Boosts the volume without batteries or electricity!  Fun at home, in the park or at the beach!  And, it amplifies any sound - use it to increase the volume of your alarms, videos, and calls!  Available in several designs, however the skull is the spookiest.


Learn how to make 5 styles of bracelets, complete with sparkly beads and charms.  The cobweb bracelet looks super cool!  Great for tweens!  And, you can always count on Klutz for clear, easy-to-follow instructions.


Turn yourself into a ghoul or monster!  Make gruesome cuts, bruises and burns!  Use tricks professional make-up artists use!  Learn the science behind movie make-up!  This kit combines real science (what happens when you get a bruise, burn or gash) with movie magic (making zombies and weird warts for a movie scene).  Includes everything you need to start your movie make-up artist career!


We love Melissa & Doug costumes!  Everything you need - costume & accessories - are included!  And, they're on sale now through October 31st.  Score!

Happy (almost) Halloween!

-Child's Play

P.S. Our friends at Amy Vining Photography are hosting their annual Little Goblins Halloween Party on Saturday, October 26th from 4pm-7pm.  Any kids 0-13 are welcome.  There will be costumes, crafts, games, dancing and more!  The party is at Amy's new studio, 305 SE 3rd Avenue.  If you go, don’t be frightened when you see the outside of the building – it is under heavy renovation!!!