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Happy First Day of School!

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How's the first day of school going?  Or, for a few lucky kids out there, how's the last day of summer vacation going? If you're in need of any last-minute supplies, stop by the store.  We've got art supplies, workbooks to brush up some skills with, funny pens and pencils for doing homework, and lots of fun things to brighten things up after school.  Here's a few Back-to-School suggestions:


Step over pen and paper, the Boogie Board is here!  This LCD eWriter includes a battery that never needs replacing or charging, shatterproof plastic screen, handy erase button, and stylus.  Great for leaving notes at home or in your locker.


Make a mistake?  No problem.  Just grab your donut and no one will ever know about it.  And, even though most kids are more into collecting than using Japanese puzzle erasers, they do erase surprisingly well.


Haven't bought your markers yet?  Get some Faber Castell pens, they're our favorite!  Smooth color, no bleeding, great felt tips, super high quality.  Available in fine or broad tip.

And, for your viewing enjoyment, a funny video:

Have a bright and sunny day!

-Child's Play