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Happy First Day of School!

ToysMegan PeronaComment

Back to school!  Friends, routine, after-school sports and clubs - all good things.  But, with school comes homework...  Here's a few things to make homework time a little more interesting.  Maybe.

Snifty Scented Pencils, lots of flavors available including Strawberry, Cotton Candy, Grape, Fruit Punch, Bubble Gum, Pineapple, Blueberry, Watermelon and more!  $1.99

Fun writing utensils and art supplies always make homework a little better.  The scented pencils are great for doing math equations or writing an essay about your dog.  The markers, pictured below are our favorites!  Washable, bold colors, smooth application - these really are the best markers.  Poster board projects will be a breeze with these bad boys!

Jumbo Markers by Faber Castell, 12 count  $9.99

Blob Frog Fidget Toy, Ages 3+  $2.99

Fidget toys are a new must for homework time.  Having something to keep hands busy can help kinetic learners absorb the notes they're reading.  Something to mess with can keep anxieties curbed, brains active and creativity rolling.  We have lots of stretchy, bumpy and bendy toys to keep minds alert during homework time.

And, attention Chapman parents!  WeVillage is offering a special Chapman after-school care program!  The schedule goes like this:  a bus picks up your children at Chapman then takes them directly to WeVillage on 11th & Flanders.  Once at WeVillage it's time to wash up, have a snack and play!  Then homework.  Then relaxation.  Followed by pick-up at 6pm.  Monthly and daily rates available.  To find out more or register, visit WeVillage's site at