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Happy Friendship Day!

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Well, Friendship Day was actually yesterday, but we figure everyday is a day to be friendly.  So, we're celebrating today!  Have you ever made Friendship Bracelets for your friends? Toys_in_Portland_my_friendship_bracelet_maker

Make one for your friend and one for you!  Create your bracelets using the usual braiding and knotting techniques, but the Friendship Bracelet Maker makes it super easy!  No more safety pinning the end of the bracelet to your jeans.  Slide the string under the butterfly clip for tension, then use the thread guide to keep your pattern straight.  Want to make lanyards instead?  Look below!


Made by the same people who created the Friendship Bracelet Maker, now there is an easy, tangle free way to make lanyards.  This kit comes with everything you need; laces, beads, key rings and backpack clips (you have to have a way to show off your handiwork!)  Plus, visit their website for video tutorials and really cool patterns!


Or, for a smaller friendship bracelet kit try this one by Klutz.  Klutz is one of the most trusted names in craft kits, and this kit won't disappoint.  You get 10 skeins of embroidery floss, beads, a handy clip and tons of patterns!

Have a friendly day!

-Child's Play