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Happy Halloween!

ToysMegan PeronaComment

Need some treats? Here are a few of our favorites!

Monster ABC by Derek & Kyle Sullivan  $14.99

From Alien to Zombie, take a journey across the full monster spectrum. More adorable than spooky, this monstrous mishmash will prove there's nothing to be afraid of. Unless you're afraid of having too much fun :) Perfect for Halloween, but a fun read any time of year. Heavy board book pages make it sturdy for even the littlest monsters. Created by local authors and illustrators!

Monster Boo Stuffed Animal  $12.99

Boo! Don't worry, Boo's not scary - he's the world's cutest dog! This monster Boo is ready for Halloween. Trick or Treat!

Light-Up Balloons, 5 pack  $7.99

Five flashing alien balloons! Perfect for parties. One-time use, lasts 15 hours. Fun for safety first, trick or treating!

Happy Halloween!

-Child's Play