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Happy Labor Day!

ToysMegan PeronaComment

Barbecuing, floating on the river, picnicking at the park - whatever you're doing today, we hope you have a lovely time! Need a few things for your afternoon barbecue...


Hamburgers and Hot Dogs!  Well, these burgers and dogs might not be quite what you need for your barbecue, but they're awfully cute and made to last through even the roughest kid play!


I scream, you scream...Banana Splits!  Don't get just a plain ol' ice cream set for your kiddos to play with, go all out with this deluxe banana split set!  The bananas and strawberries are sliceable!


Need some real food?  How about a Pirate Cupcake Kit!  Cupcake and frosting mixes included, plus pirate ship cupcake collars, pirate flags and an eye patch!

Have a fantastic day!

-Child's Play