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Happy Memorial Day!

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Happy Memorial Day!  We'll be open until 4pm today.  Make sure to stop by early for board games, a jigsaw puzzle, or if you're a true Oregonian, some backyard games that are fun rain or shine!  Here's a few suggestions, and a recipe! Toys_in_Portland_super_bingo_kids_board_game

Megan said her family plays bingo at family get-togethers and it is the BEST!  Fun for all ages, not a lot of focus needed, fun indoors or out, plus you can provide prizes potluck style so it's not all on the host.  P.S.  Re-prizing is totally cool.  Lucky trolls are encouraged.


Looking for a challenging puzzle?  How about the one pictured above?!  Escher's house of stairs is guaranteed to keep you busy all day, and probably into the night.  Need something a little more relaxed?  We have puzzles from 2 to 2000 pieces, in all sorts of patterns, colors and styles - even 3-D puzzles!


Not concerned about the weather, just bound and determined to play outside today?  Check out our newest backyard game, Smak Ball!  Catch the inflatable ball in the Smak Hoop, then hit, bop or flick it back at your opponent.  Sized for child or adult play, it works great as a leisurely game of catch or a competitive team game!  Fun in the rain or shine!


And, the recipe we promised:  Oven Fried Chicken Tenders!  In case you might not be in the mood to barbecue outside, we thought we'd suggest these health-ified Chicken Fingers.  Only 6 ingredients, no marinading, baked not fried - these are awesome.  And, totally kid-approved!

Have a HAPPY day!

-Child's Play