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Happy Valentine's Day!

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Happy Valentine's Day!  We hope everyone is having a wonderful day, full of lots of love! In honor of Valentine’s Day Child’s Play’s book pick of the week goes to: Kiss the Cow!


Annalisa isn’t the youngest, and isn’t the oldest in Mama May’s house full of children, but she is the most curious and the most stubborn. Everyday Annalisa sees her mother sing to her magic cow before milking: “Lovely Luella, Your milk never fails, My children are hungry, So please fill my pails!” Afterwards, her mother always kissed Luella on her velvety brown nose. “Ughhh!” Annalisa says. “Imagine kissing a cow!” But after awhile Annalisa begins to wonder… What is it actually like to kiss a cow?  This is a sweet book and fun to read aloud! We recommend it for 3+!

And, keep us in mind if you need any last minute Valentine's gifts.  Check the display near the door for gift ideas, like puzzles, bubbles, scratch 'n' sniff stickers, and even plastic rats covered in hearts.  We've got all your child's likes covered.

Hugs, Child's Play