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High Rollers

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EzyRoller, Ages 4+  $99.99

This low-to-the-ground ride-on toy is a favorite on the toy store floor.  Sit back, put your feet up then push back and forth to get your momentum going - before you know you'll be a speed demon!  Leg extension bars available so that the toy grows with your child.  Come on in and test it out!

Plasmacar, Ages 3+  $74.99

No batteries, pedals and gears needed to get this car up to speed - it runs on kid power!  Sit on down, turn the steering wheel and away you go!  The momentum from twisting the steering wheel gets the plasmacar going.  Kids love riding around the store on these!  Great exercise too!

Scoot Around by Hape, Ages 1+  $79.99

Not big enough for a Plasmacar or Ezyroller?  No worries, we have lots of options for the toddler crowd.  This wooden ride-on is foot-powered and sized just right for little ones new to walking.  Taking a short ride each day helps build muscle strength and balance skills.  Plus, it's super fun (and stylish)!

Have a high flyin' day!

-Child's Play