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How to Celebrate Screen Free Week #2

BooksMegan PeronaComment

Hey there! Today we have another Screen Free entertainment idea - Read a Book!  Here on the blog we post a new book review every Tuesday.  We cover everything from pictures books to chapter books to chewable books for babies.  To see older reviews, just click the "Books" link in the Categories box on the right side of the page.

And, now for all you readers out there, our very own Chrissy would like to suggest...


Stargirl Caraway. A magical name, for a magical girl. She is a new girl at Mica High School in Phoenix, AZ. She stands out. She has a pet Rat that she carries with her wherever she goes. She wears funny clothes. Flapper dresses. Indian buckskin. Kimonos. She is the pinnacle of non-conformity. People don’t know whether to be attracted or repelled! What’s more.. She doesn’t care! She floats through the halls of Mica High as if on a cloud of serenity. She makes people cards.. gives them flowers.. whether they like it or not! She attracts the attention of a boy called Leo who is fascinated with her. Leo unlike Stargirl, does care what people think and meaning well, he encourages her to be more “normal.” What follows after is an inspiring story of what it means to be yourself.

Have an AWESOME day!

-Child's Play