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How to Celebrate Screen Free Week #4

ToysMegan PeronaComment

Wow!  It's amazing what you can build from a few thousand toothpicks!

Today our Screen Free entertainment suggestion is to Build Something!  Our store carries everything from legos to knex to basic blocks for your youngest builders.  But, an oft overlooked building toy (that dad tends to love just as much as the kids) is the Marble Run!  We've got marble runs for the wall, the floor, in plastic or wood - and all the marbles to go with 'em!  Here's a few top picks:


This is not just any ol' run-of-the-mill marble maze.  With a unique cube design and side slide connections, your run can take on totally twisty-turny shapes.  This starter kit includes 36 cubes and 14 marbles.  Plus, with specially engineered "double exit" cubes you'll always be wondering which way the marble will go!


Tired of building your marble runs on the floor?  You need a Wall Coaster kit!  This marble run comes with "coaster tack" to stick all the tracks, crazy circles and zig-zags to the wall.  Using the basic laws of physics and gravity your marble will glide, twist and turn down your ever-changing run!  Includes Glow-in-the-Dark marbles, was invented by a 12-year-old and is made in the USA!!


This is the tried and true, classic marble run.  Made in Italy by Quercetti, this kit includes sturdy feet, water wheels, transparent track and 10 marbles.  The best part is watching the marbles fall through the transparent tubes!

Hope everyone gets to build something today, even if it's just a sandwich!  Have fun!

-Child's Play