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Foil Art Sticker Craft by Peaceable Kingdom, Ages 6+  &6.99 for kit with 2 pictures. Available in Beasts, Robots, Fairies and Unicorns.

Easy as 1-2-3!  Peel up a section of the picture to reveal a sticky area.  Lay a sheet of foil over the exposed area and rub.  Remove the foil sheet.  Repeat until you have a beautiful sparkly picture!


Spend a chilly afternoon excavating a dinosaur skeleton!  Use the included chisel and brush to discover bones which can be assembled into a dinosaur!  Guaranteed to keep kids busy, although it does require a little patience.


Wile away the weekend learning about the human body!  Examine the good, the bad and the ugly parts of the human body.  Includes 12" plastic human body, 12 plastic bones & muscles, forceps, tweezers, 9 removable squishy vital organs, body parts organ-izer, instruction sheet and book.

What's your favorite inside activity?

Have a spectacular weekend!

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