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Have you heard of Accoutrements?  They make fun, quirky toys like Octopus Finger Tentacles, Glow-in-the-Dark Zombie Finger Puppets and these:

Inflatable Unicorn Horn $7.99

Join the Unicorn League!  Inflate your one-size-fits-all unicorn horn, pledge The Unicorn Code and you're in the league for life!  The code is printed on the back of the box and includes rules such as "unicorns always lend a helping hand," "unicorns aren't conceited" and our favorite "unicorns graze on peace and love."  Sorry, the unicorn sweater in the photo above is not available.

Home Movie Clapperboard $7.99

Lights, camera, action!  Be organized while making your next home movie.  The washable chalkboard surface allows you to reuse this thousands of times.  Megan, one of our toy experts, said this was one of the most used toys in her childhood home.

The Ultimate Geek Pen $12.99

This pen is five devices in one!  Quintuple score!  UV light to detect counterfeiting.  A laser pointed for presentations.  Flashlight for illumination.  Stylus tip for PDAs and games.  And, a ballpoint tip for writing, it is a pen after all.

Have a fun day!

-Child's Play