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Keep it COOL this weekend!

ToysMegan PeronaComment

It is a hot one out there! Here are our favorite toys for beating the heat this summer:

Wave Thrower, Ages 4+  $12.99

Are you ready for a water battle? This pump-action water gun shoots up to 28 feet! Rapid reload with your own bottles. Includes one high-capacity tank, but is compatible with most plastic bottles. Splash! 

Beach Bucket & Shovel Set  $4.99

Every kid needs a bucket in their water toy collection. Use it to carry water balloons. Fill it with hose water and dump the whole thing over your head. Take it to the beach! Then in the fall use it for making mud pies. Buckets are the workhorse of the toy world.

Pumponator  $14.99

The best way to fill water balloons.  Fill the pump with water, slide the balloon on and pump it up!  Once the balloon is full, use the attached tying tool to easily make a knot.  Plus, it comes with 300 biodegradable balloons!  And, P.S. it was invented by a kid!

How are you keeping cool this weekend?

-Child's Play