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Keeping Cozy!

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Squishables, available in regular and mini sizes  $19.99 - $49.99

On cold days you need a buddy to cuddle.  A soft, furry buddy!  We like squishables.  Big, round and huggable.  Need even more pick-me-up?  Squishables have an awesome instagram account, @squishables.

Make a Scarf Kit by Threadz, Ages 6+  $19.99

Knit your own scarf to stay cozy!  No knitting or purling needed.  Use the included loom to knot and twist your way to fashionable and cozy scarf.  Every time you wrap your scarf on you'll feel so happy and proud of your creation!  Knit your own hat and purse kits also available.

Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cocoa via Pinterest

Our third idea for staying cozy:  peruse Pinterest for Hot Chocolate recipes.  And, then actually make them!  Huzzah.  Doesn't that cocoa look divine.  If you are brave enough to venture out.  Two Tarts makes delectable drinking chocolate.  Hot cocoa and warm cookies.  Sigh.  Once you get your treat fix, pop into the store for playtime.  Our heat is on, the play tables are stocked with guaranteed fun and the ride-on toys are ready to roll.  

Cozy on!

-Child's Play