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Klutz Books for the Girly Girl

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Felted Friends by Klutz, Ages 10+ $19.99

New from Klutz! Create your own super soft, super cute felted friends.  This kit includes everything you need:  step-by-step instructions, wool roving, a felting tool and a foam work surface.  Comes with enough wool to make your 4 favorite animals!

Nail Style Studio by Klutz, Ages 10+ $24.99

Be a Glam Girl!  Make every manicure a masterpiece with this complete nail art tool kit.  What you get:  6 colors of polish, 250+ stick-on stencils, a custom design tool and a 60-page book of designs & inspiration.  Woah!  Learn how to paint on penguins, stripes, lovebirds and more!

Pom Pom Puppies Kit by Klutz, Ages 8+ $19.99

Unleash the puppy power!  This kit comes with everything you need to make 4 pom-pom puppies.  Includes yearn, pom-pom maker, eyes, foam noses & tongues, a styling comb, tiny bows and mini pom-poms, plus punch-out carriers & other accessories.  Choose between border collies, chihuahuas, pomeranians, scotties, beagles, yorkies and pugs!  Cuteness abounds!  Woof!

Have a glamours day, darling!

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