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Knock Knock...

ToysMegan PeronaComment

Who's there?! Hens.

Hens who?

Hens up!  We've got you surrounded


Ha Ha!  It's National Tell a Joke Day!  Check out our Facebook page for more jokes!  And, don't check just once, keep going back through out the day - we'll be there all night - ba dum ching!

And, stop by the store for all your joke needs!


Billed as the Biggest, Best, Silliest, Dumbest Joke Book Ever - this is a must have for the budding comedian!  And, it's not just jokes, there are tongue twisters, profiles of famous funny people and joke-telling tips!


Stick-on Mood Mustaches!  Fact:  a person is funnier when wearing a silly mustache.


Classic joke.  Want a lick of my ice cream cone?  POW!  Megan said this is the best thing she ever won at a grade school carnival, "it was hilarious for hours!  And, 20 years later, still funny!"

Have a laughter filled day!  It's good for your soul.

-Child's Play