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BlinkTime for Kids, Ages 3+  $7.99

At first glance these watches appear to merely be silicone wristbands, but press the face once to reveal the time!  Twice to see the date!  And, a third time to access the seconds counter!  They will also make a great prop in any backyard summertime sci-fi films your kids may be producing.

Kinetic Sand, Ages 3+  $17,99

Kinetic Sand is everyone's new favorite modeling compound.  It's kind of playing in the brown sugar bin.  Or like wet sand, but it's dry.  Build castles, use cookie cutters to make letters or put it on your desk to use as a stress reliever.  Never dries out, gluten free, 100% non toxic.  

Hot Wheels Cars, Ages 3+  $1.99

Classic Hot Wheels cars are back in stock!  Choose from cars or motorcycles.  Matchbox planes available too!  Have enough cars (like that's a thing)?  Pick up some Matchbox Play Sets instead.

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