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Learn Photoshop with Amy Vining

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amy_vining_photoshop_class Our friend Amy Vining, photographer extraordinaire, is offering a Beginning Photoshop workshop for all you photography lovers!  The workshop is Sunday, January 19th.  Here's a sample of what you'll be learning:

During the 1/2 Day Workshop:

Amy will walk you through the editing process of several of portraits, demonstrating the following:

RAW vs. JPEG – what’s the difference and how to know which file type is best?

PPI/DPI – how to crop and deal with resolution of your photos to optimize them for printing or for web sharing.

Storing your photos on your computer, and inexpensive ways to back everything up in case the worst happens.

Layers, Curves, and Color Balance – Three tools that will immediately change the way you handle your photos and take them from good to spectacular.

DURING THE SECOND HALF OF THE WORKSHOP (you must purchase the full day workshop to stay for the second half):

Fixes – Fixing overexposed and underexposed photos, painting light, etc.

Enhancements – brighten eyes, teeth, fix blemishes.

Editing – Learn about my favorite Actions in photoshop and how to find and purchase Actions for yourself.



  • You own Photoshop and are completely overwhelmed and need to know some basics that will help you make an immediate difference with your photography.
  • You take pictures of people, landscape, and nature.
  • You are not a professional photographer.
  • You want to learn the basics on how to enhance your photos, and also fix errors with exposure and color.
  • You like to learn in a fun, casual atmosphere.
  • You want your photos to rock!

To register, visit Amy's website at


Have a very young, budding photographer?  This wooden camera has a push button on top and a kaleidoscope view.  Adorable and fun!

Have a picture perfect day!

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