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Lego Movie: Coming in 2014

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Portland_kids_Toys_lego_movie Did you hear about the new Lego movie?!  There was a preview for it before Monsters University; which was also good, not as great as Monsters Inc., but will still make you giggle and wish a magical land of friendly monsters really did exist.  Anyway, back to Legos, the trailer is up on IMDB and it looks pretty cool!  It appears that it's based on a world full of Lego Minifigures and other popular building sets.  Looking good for kids, and kids at heart.  Click here to see the trailer!

Speaking of Legos, have you seen the new Lone Ranger sets?  They include horses and stagecoaches, and all other things wild west, but most importantly they include a Tonto minifigure.  Johnny Depp as a Lego guy.  Awesome!


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