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Legos - always a good gift idea!

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Legos are a consistent favorite amongst today's kids.  Duplo legos (the big ones) are great for toddlers, 18 mos. and up.  City themed sets and brick sets with open-ended building play are perfect for kids 4-6.  For older grade school kids Chima is the newest theme set from Lego, in which animal warrior are battling for control of the magical Chi, and Star Wars is considered pretty awesome too.  Lego sets are great for adults too!  We've sold many an X-Wing Starfighter to guys intending to build the set without the help of any little hands. [gallery ids="3756,3757,3758,3759,3760,3761"]

Need a little more Christmas cheer in your home?  How about making some Lego ornaments!  We found these cool building guides online here.

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Happy Holidays!

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