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Thank You For Being a Friend!

Megan PeronaComment

Friends and Neighbors Cooperative Game by Peaceable Kingdom $17.99

Friends and Neighbors is a matching game that focuses on emotions. Can players help a little girl who's sad because she's standing out in the rain or a boy who's afraid of the dark?Encourages empathy, cooperative play, caring skills, and mindfulness. Beautiful artwork on a high-quality board. We could all use more friendly cooperation! Ages 3+.


Mega Rainbow Ball $9.99

You know what we love? Rainbows! You know what else? Giant bouncy balls! Now combine those two together and you have some mega super fun happening. Invite a new friend on the playground to bounce this giant ball around and there is no way you won't both have fun! 

Touchable Bubble Tubes, $2.99 each

Bubbles are always a fantastic way to make new friends! These last long enough so that you can gently catch them on your fingertips or maybe your nose! Touchable Bubbles would make a perfect party favor or valentine gift. Ages 3+

Checklist for Kindess Challenge! School Age Edition. 

The Great Kindness Challenge couldn't have come at a better time. Jill McManigal, a mom from Carlsbad, California, spearheaded the Great Kindness Challenge after taking her small non-profit "Kids for Peace" global. Their goal is to create peace through youth leadership, community service, global friendships, and thoughtful acts of kindness. We think this list is great for any time of year.