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Let's build something!

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Squigz Benders, Ages 3+  $24.99, also available Squigz Starter Set, Ages 3+  $24.99

A new twist on the original Squigz!  Squigz are suction cupped construction toys that push together, and POP apart.  These benders have the same great suction cups, but allow for twisting, turning and looping!  Expand your creativity even farther!  Great for little hands to build their coordination skills.

Keva Construction Kits, Ages 7+  Catapult  $27.99, Contraptions  $19.99

First up, the Catapult.  Construct your own fast-flinging fun!  Measure, construct, launch - that's all you have to do.  Everything you need is included, no tools required.  Includes projectiles (soft bean bags) and a target pad!  Now, onto the Contraptions.  This box is filled with 50 precision Keva planks, 2 Keva balls and an instruction booklet so you can create 6 different twisting and turning contraptions.  Create over and over again!  No glue, no connectors, just simple stacking!

Q Ba Maze 2.0, Ages 6+  $24.99 - $39.99

The next generation of marble maze.  Slide together the unique cubes to create all sorts of shapes and patterns - fish, flowers, your name!  Plus, the double exit cubes keep everyone guessing, "Which way will the marble go?"  Easy to put together, excellent stability.

What are you building today?

-Child's Play