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Let's Build Something!

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Time to stretch those construction muscles. Build, design, snap, hook and piece together all sorts of creations. For all those future engineers out there, here are three of our favorite construction toys!

Maker Studio Kits, Ages 7+ $19.99

Designed by engineers for budding engineers! Each kit has a different focus; gears, winches or propellers, and includes the components needed to create a one-of-a-kind machine. Build one of the four ideas included, or use the engineering challenges to get your imagination rolling! Created by ThinkFun, the brains behind some of our favorite board games like Rush Hour, Lazer Maze and Zingo.

Mini Building Sets by Loz, Ages 9+ $5.99

Do you know how to make something fun, even more fun? Make it mini! These mini building blocks, similar to nanoblocks are like teeny, tiny Legos. Each box includes blocks and instructions for one animal. The lion shown above is about the size of an egg. 

Q Ba Marble Maze, available in Big Box or Starter Sets, Ages 6+ $24.99-$39.99

The next generation marble maze! The slide together cubes allow you to build cool shapes like butterflies and super tall towers. Plus, the double exit cubes keep you guessing, "Which way will the marbles go?"

What have you built lately?

-Child's Play