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Let's get crafty!

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Let's get dangerous!  Cool it, Darkwing Duck.  We're not fighting crime here, just getting crafty! Crocheted amigurumi treats, friendship bracelets, spiral designs and more!  Check out our favorites below and stop in to see our whole art selection.  

Yummy Crochet, Ages 10+  $19.99

Crochet your own set of smiling kitchen friends!  This kit provides you with everything needed to create 12 projects too cute to eat!  Word of caution:  This kit is intended for someone who has crocheted before and is familiar with basic stitches.  Nom nom nom!

Spirograph, Ages 8+  $29.99.  Also available in Spirograph Cyclex and Travel Tin.

Old school fun for new school kids.  Introduce the kids in your life to one of your childhood loves.  Create countless amazing designs with the easy to use wheels and discs.  Everything needed is included!

My Friendship Bracelet Maker, Ages 8+  $24.99

Perfect for Valentine's day - make matching friendship bracelets for you and all your best friends!  Pick your colors, load your thread and start tying knots.  Super simple, super stylish.  Great for travel too.


What crafts have you been making lately?

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