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Let's go Camping!

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Have a few end of summer camping trips planned?  Need some supplies just for kids? Portland_Toys_thomas_lantern

Every kids needs a lantern!  And, why not have one with Thomas the Tank Engine on it!  Easy on/off switch, long-lasting LED lights and a shatter resistant globe - great for clumsy fingers young and old!

Canteen with Built-in Compass, Ages 3+  $7.99

Next on the supplies list:  Canteen.  And, this isn't just any ol' canteen - it has a built in compass!  Fill with 12 oz. of your favorite drink, clip to your belt or backpack and hit the open trail!


Don't forget to take some bug catching supplies!  Butterfly nets can come in particularly handy when catching all variety of bugs and creepy crawlers!


When you sit down at the campfire at the end of the day it's nice to just have some good conversation.  Need some questions to get you going?  Pick up a Chat Pack!  Loaded with lots of creative questions to get your imagination going!  Available in regular, for kids and EXTREME varieties!


For the true outdoorsman.  Davy Crockett, anyone?

Have a fantastic day!

-Child's Play