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Let's Play a Game!

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Today is a great day to play a board game.  After school is a great time to play a board game.  The weekend is a great time to play a board game.  Come to think of it, just about anytime is a good time to play a board game.  Here's a few of our new favorites: Portland_Toys_yottsugo_game

The word version of Sudoku, this game comes with 40 puzzles for you to solve.  Puzzles range from Wordsmith to Etymologist, and include three clues to help you connect the tiles and solve the grid.  Already have Bananagrams?  Try Yottsugo!


Kind of like a grown-up version of Labyrinth, this maze building game will have you fighting to stay the path.  The basic play goes like this; place a tile and slide your stone along the path created.  But, other player's paths can lead you in the wrong direction - or off the board entirely!


A new twist on Bingo!  Spin the spinner, then place a creature into the log.  If any critters pop out the other side, add them to your board.  Watch out for the skunk though, he'll stink things up!  Be the first to fill your board and you win!

What's your favorite board game?

Have a fun day!

-Child's Play