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Let's Play Outside!

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Hey!  Need some outdoor fun ideas? Portland_Family_Fun_obstacle_course_DIY

Make your own obstacle course!  Use supplies around the house or stop in to pick up activity cones, hula hoops, maybe even a Hop ball (pictured)!  Check out this blog post from Adventures at Home With Mum for more ideas!


This is the new version of the best-selling Ogo MiniDiscs!  We love the easy to grab handle, and the ball is customizable depending on the skill of the players.  Add tails to slow down the ball or randomly distribute tails to make a less predictable flight pattern.  Better than badminton!


Enjoy the joy of skateboarding as a family with Zippy Flyer! This fun, simple skateboard is a bit of a throwback to the original plastic boards of the 70s.  The compact size is great for carrying around town.  Plus, no grip tape means no tore up shoes or little hands and knees.   Available in blue or orange!  Great for birthday or to save for Christmas!

Have a sunshin-y day!

-Child's Play