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National Yo-Yo Day is Today!

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Today is National Yo-Yo day!  Can you walk the dog?  Do the elevator?  What about the Darth Vader?  (yeah, that last one really is a trick!  Learn it here!)  We have both Duncan and Yomega yo-yos in stock!  Here's a sampling: toys_in_Portland_duncan_butterfly_yoyo


And, here's a few links for you to enjoy:  Father's Day Ideas, Popcorn for Breakfast and more!


Four Generations in One Photo via Just Imagine

Looking for Father's Day Gifts ideas?  This four generations in one photo idea is definitely at the top of our list.

How do minimalist parents handle summer?  from local blog Parent Hacks.

Popcorn Breakfast Cereal !  TinkerLab has a great idea for a history lesson, science experiment and adventure into trying new foods.

Why every mom should make sure she's in photos with her kids.

10 Family Movie picks you can borrow from the library via Parent Hacks.

Have an AWESOME day!

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