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Little Toys for Little Hands

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Mini Miss & Baby Teether by Corolle, Ages Newborn+  $22.99

Sized just for baby, this sweet doll and teether gift set are a lovely shower or first Christmas gift for a baby coming soon.  The doll is perfect for snuggles while the teether is soothing .  Also, have you seen a teether this chic?!  

Waterproof Blankets by Rain Baby Gear (Made in Portland!)  $59.99

Stay warm and toasty this fall with a locally, handmade blanket from Rain Baby Gear!  Soft fleece on one side, waterproof on the other.  Made with the cutest fabrics!  Baby is going to look so cute and cozy at the pumpkin patch!

My Phone by Mirari, Ages 6 months+  $19.99

Let baby have their own phone to play with.  Not a real one of course, but a pretty slick substitute.  Record your own messages for baby to play back, kind of like beginner voicemail.  Then press the other images for more light and sound fun!

What have your littlest ones been loving lately?

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